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Julian Assange publiceert anti-Google boek - Emerce
Julian Assange heeft een anti-Google boek uitgebracht onder de noemer When Google Met Wikileaks. Het boek beschrijft een ontmoeting ...

But is it journalism? (Damnit)
03.09.2011 [Business Insider] - Julian Assange went to the Guardian, The Times, and Der Spiegel to get their help redacting leaks to make their revelation — in the view of these participants — responsible; to add context and facts; to promote the leaks and get them noticed.

Wikileaks Drops Bomb• Gossip & Spies Galore
06.09.2011 [Modern Ghana] - WikiLeaks, (sometimes Wikileaks), is an Australian-made international website headed by a journalist, Julian Assange, that publishes anonymous submissions and leaks of otherwise classified documents while preserving the anonymity of sources.

Wikileaks Assange's White Hair Attributed to 'Failed Teenage Science Experiment'
14.08.2011 [MedIndia] - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange's distinctive white hair is due to a failed teenage science experiment, a new book has revealed. In a new book titled 'The Revolution Will Be Digitised', British journalist

Sunshine Coast Daily eyes awards
12.08.2011 [Sunshine Coast Daily] - Kieran Campbell, who scored an international scoop with his series of exclusive stories with Christine Assange, the mother of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, is one of three finalists for Young Journalist of the Year.

WikiLeaks Under Fire After Document Dump Risks Identifying Sources
07.09.2011 [PBS NewsHour] - Julian Assange, WikiLeaks' founder, had given the Guardian editor a pass phrase to open the file. And the editor assumed that the pass phrase itself, the password, would expire after a certain time along with the file. And, of course, that's not the

Medienwoche confab lights up Berlin
01.09.2011 [Variety] - The two-day Intl. Media Congress sidebar, which starts Monday, will offer keynotes and discussions from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (live via satellite), Constantin Film's Martin Moszkowicz, Mathias Doepfner, CEO of publishing group Axel Springer

March Of The Trolls And Hacktivists
05.09.2011 [Forbes] - That all changed in December 2010, when WikiLeaks announced it was releasing diplomatic cables and Julian Assange was arrested. The story struck a chord so powerful that it resonated through the IRC networks and 4chan too. Thousands of people across

'Forced' to leak
06.09.2011 [Sydney Morning Herald] - The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has blamed The Guardian for forcing his organisation's hand in publishing the secret US diplomatic memos. He said a journalist from the British newspaper had published the password to the encrypted files in his

American student joins Libyan rebels
06.09.2011 [FRANCE 24] - This decision has triggered fierce debate as the organization, which was founded by Julian Assange, has chosen to publish all the names featured on the telegrams, something it has never done with the thousands of documents released in the past.

Nieuws over Julian Assange -, 24/24, 7/7
13/03/15 18:02 Het Zweedse Openbaar Ministerie gaat WikiLeaksoprichter Julian Assange in Londen verhoren. Aanklager Marianne Ny maakte vanochtend in ...

Julian Assange: 'Google is een nachtmerrie' - Emerce
Dat zei Julian Assange via Skype zojuist op South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) in Austin, Texas. “Google een nachtmerrie, jullie zijn het ...

An Interview With WikiLeaks' Julian Assange - Forbes

Rutte, red WikiLeaks! |
Wij vragen: Veilig onderdak voor WikiLeaks in Nederland; Nederlandse politie arrestatiebevel te negeren; Politiek asiel in Nederland voor Julian Assange.

How I met Julian Assange and secured the American embassy cables
GETTING to WikiLeaks's secret headquarters took quite some time and was not without complications.

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