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Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid. III. A Worldwide View of Grace. 71. Identity Shaped by the Ancestors: Examples from Folk Talk of the Akan in Ghana . 73–82. Mercy Amba

Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid. IV. Fragmentation and Specialization: Theology and Interdisciplinarity. Theology in Relation to the Natural Sciences 111–121. Palmyre

[11] MARCELLA MARIA ALTHAUS-REID interprets the dreams of some people in Argentina which have been put on the net with the help of the artist Matthijs de ...

9780334041573 Controversies In Body Theology edited By Marcella Maria...
Controversies In Body Theology edited By Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid And Lisa Isherwood. Full Title: Controversies In Body Theology Author/Editor(s): ...

Marcella Maria Althaus-Reid. III – Wereldwijde visies op genade. Door de voorouders aangereikte identiteit. Voorbeelden uit de volkse zegswijzen van de Akan ...

Controversies In Feminist Theology
Auteur: Althaus-Reid, Marcella Maria/ Isherwood, Lisa, Prijs: € 36,05, ISBN/ISBN13: 9780334040507, Categorie: Boek, Exposes The Controversies Within Key Areas...

In memoriam
Obituary Professor Marcella Maria Althaus Reid . Theology lost an original voice on Friday, 20th February 2009, when Professor Marcella Althaus-Reid

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